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Google vs Yahoo Financial Comparison

Summary comparing the financial performance of Google and Yahoo, as well as an evaluation of the annual and year-to-year results of these companies that highlights the importance of the use of ratios to compare their performance against each other as well as the internet services provider industry.

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For your convenience, I have attached an APA MS Word formatted paper containing the answers to your post. I have also attached an Excel spreadsheet containing the specific ratios that were used, as well as the calculations behind them.
In the event that they are needed, I have also included links for the 2006 Annual Reports for both Google and Yahoo, listed as reference sources at the end of the Word document.

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Practice Ratio Analysis and Statement of Cash Flows
Summary comparing Google and Yahoo two most recent fiscal years based upon the ...

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This file contains a financial analysis and summary which compares the performance of Google and Yahoo. File also contains the values of various financial ratios used to compare these two internet service providers.