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Sources of financial information

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What I need to accomplish is:

- Identify various sources of financial information and relate them to particular financial activities
- Distinguish among different types of financial information that exists
- Explain how to find various sources and apply different information to different situations

Help me to explain and support the following questions:

- What kinds of financial information exist in various places?
- What is the difference between information found on the internet and other sources of information?
- What source of information that you found in your research do you find most helpful?
- How does a website like Yahoo finance help you perform ratio analysis?

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Most of the financial information about an organization is available in its financial statements and annual reports. The financial statements- quarterly and annually, including profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statements can be found publicly on various websites such as Yahoo finance. These websites also provide latest financial ratios as well as help in comparing company's financials and ratios with industry averages as well as competitor's ...

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Discusses various sources of financial information about a publicly listed organization in 250+ words.