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Publicly traded companies report financial performance

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All publicly-traded companies must report their financial performance on a regular basis.

--- What would be the sources of this financial information?

---- Who would be interested in the information?

-----How might interested parties use this information?

-----What could be the result of a firm reporting incorrect or fraudulent information about its financial performance?

-----Who might be harmed by financial misstatements?

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Sources of Financial information:

The below are certain sources of financial information:

- Annual Reports- The annual report is the most important document used by the publicly traded companies to report their financial information to the shareholders. The amount of information included will vary greatly from company to company. There are certain guidelines provided to the companies on the basis of which the annual reports are prepared.
- SEC Filing- Securities and Exchange Commission regulations require that public companies to file a number of financial reports with the Commission. These reports provide lots of information. Some of the common reports filed with SEC are 10K Report, which contains more detailed financial information than annual report, 10Q ...

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The solution examines publicly traded companies that report financial performances.

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