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Communicating effectively

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I need help to answer the following questions.

Question 1: Describe situations where you have effectively demonstrated each of the forms of communication mentioned.
Question 2: What did you do to help you communicate effectively?
Question 3: How have your communication skills helped you to improve your performance elsewhere?

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The expert describes the situation where you have effectively demonstrated each of the forms of communication mentioned. How to communicate effectively is determined.

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Answer Guideline1: Communication
In an organization, to be a financial manager or head of any department, it is important for the individual to be an effective and efficient communicator. It is because to run the business communication is the basic part. For instance in case of chasing payment from customers, patiently explaining the need for purchase orders to reluctant line managers or negotiating credit terms with suppliers, all situations need to conduct effective communication so that business processes can run effectively (Gudykunst, 2000, p. 177). It is because speaking and listening both are the part of communication those carry success of any action, decision or strategy at the workplace. So, to run the organization or perform the job, it is essential for the managers to make strong written as well as verbal communication for career progression and organizational growth (Moore-Thomas, 2009, p. 63).
There are various situations those demonstrate forms of communication. These are as follows:
Team management: In case of team management, it becomes essential for the team leader to have and develop communication skills. It is because to accomplish the goals of the team, communication of each step or actions with the team members is essential so that development practices can be executed and followed practically (Rosengren, 2000, p. 38). The team leader should communicate clearly and effectively to the team members to reduce the chances of misunderstanding and effective execution of the decisions. In the corporate world, each statement or decisions are available in written form, so it becomes essential for a team leader to use and write effective language that can lead to the team members along with convincing them to follow those decisions (Gudykunst, 2000, p. 177).
Training and Development: In the situation of conducting training and development programs, communication should be effective and efficient to clear the doubt of the trainees. It is because in case of any doubt in mind of trainees, result of the training program may be affected. So, to reach at the result of the T&D plan or program, trainers should communicate each step of training programs effectively and efficiently to the trainees (Moore-Thomas, 2009, p. 63). So that they can learn something new that would be beneficial for individual and organizational growth. Effective communication may offer opportunity for the trainees stand up and talks to the groups. For instance T&D programs may offer opportunity for the trainees to conduct a discussion about new procedures to a departmental team for increasing overall growth (Rosengren, 2000, p. 38).
Overall, in case of daily life and organizational concern, various situations are available those justifies to the effectiveness and importance of the ...

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