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    Accounting: Accounting and Computer programming.

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    Accountants understand their jobs very well. Programmers also understand their jobs. Unfortunately, accountants are rarely programmers and programmers are rarely accountants. Although an accountant does not need to program, the accountant must be able to communicate his requirement to the programmer, an individual who may not understand the intricate needs of the accountants.

    To bridge this knowledge gap, the accountant may be called on to produce pseudocode-a set detailed instructions written in English without syntax rules. Suppose you need a programmer to prepare code that will read sales information from an input screen, compute extensions for items sold, compute a total of these extensions for items sold, compute a total of these extensions, and update inventory balances, the sales ledger account, and accounts receivable as well as any subsidiary accounts. Prepare pseudocode for programmer.

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    Pseudocode can be regarded as simple step by step instructions that are usually written in clear English and help the programmer identify the steps required in creating a software program.

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    1. Read the sales information from the output screen (TV ...

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    The problem deals with an information technology aspect of accounting.