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Integer Programming: Brenda Last's Course Schedule

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Brenda Last, an undergraduate business major at State University is attempting to determine her course schedule for the fall semester. She is considering seven 3-credit-hour courses, which are shown in the following table. Also included are the average number of hours she expects to have to devote to each course each week (based on information from other students) and her minimum expected grade in each course, based on an analysis of the grading records of the professors for each course:

Course Average Hours Per Week Minimum Grade
Management I5 B
Principles of Accounting 10 C
Corporate Finance 8 C
Quantitative Methods 12 D
Marketing Management 7 C
Java Programming 10 D
English Literature 8 B

An A in a course earns 4 quality credits per hour, a B earns 3 quality credits per hour, a C earns 2 quality credits per hour, a D earns 1 quality credits per hour, and an F earns no credits points per hour. Brenda wants to select a schedule that will provide at least a 2.0 grade average. In order to remain a full-time student, which she must do to continue receiving financial aid, she must take at least 12 credit hours. Principles of Accounting, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, and Java Programming all require a lot of computing and mathematics, and Brenda would like to take no more than two of these courses. To remain on schedule on schedule and meet prerequisites, she needs to take at least three of the following courses: Management I, Principles of Accounting, Java Programming, and English Literature. Brenda wants to develop a course schedule that will minimize the number of hours she has to work each week.
Complete the following:
a. Formulate a 0-1 integer programming model for this problem.
b. Solve the Model by using the computer. Indicate how many total hours Brenda should expect to work on these courses each week and her minimum grade point average.

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Let x1=Management I, x2=Principles of Accounting, x3=Corporate Finance, x4=Quantitative Methods, x5=Marketing Management, x6=JAVA Programming, x7=English Literature where ...

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