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Mexico: Key cultural variables that might affect international business relationships.

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What are key cultural variables, and how might they affect business relationships between international enterprises?

Use some of the variables identified by Hofstede, Trompenaar, and others to compare your host country to your home country MEXICO. What are these differences? Describe any differences in terms of their potential to interfere with, prevent, or damage the business relationships shared between international enterprises in your host and home countries. Find and use at least 2 online resources to support your data, and post the links in your report.

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//While writing this paper, we will go through different articles related to the culture of Mexico and Germany. In addition to this, we will also look in to the trade relations between the two nations and finally, we will try to find the co-relation between the culture and business of the nations.//

In this age of globalization, when most trade barriers are removed and several steps have been taken at international level to facilitate the international trade, still there are a few things that require a prime consideration in international trade. Out of these, the main factor is cultural differences among different nations. Cultural variables are the point of difference between the two nations and these are the characteristics of a collection of people or culture. It includes the history, nationality, language, gender, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, aesthetics and sexual orientation. Cultural variables are the important factors that are need to be taken in to consideration before introducing any change within the society, regardless, of the field of endeavor (Yates, 2005).

Now, we will compare of the cultural differences between Mexico and the host country in relation to the international trade between these two nations. The host country we have chosen is Germany. These are the two nations, which have good trade relations, but sometimes, clashes crop up in international trade due to cultural differences. Mexico is located in North America and is surrounded by Belize and Guatemala in its southeast, the United ...

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The key cultural variables and how they might affect business relationships between international enterprises are discussed. The response addresses the queries posted in 990 words with references.