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    You are a business analyst employed with American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. located in South Dakota. To date, your company has manufactured and sold its electrical transformer products solely within domestic markets and Canada. It now wishes to expand internationally. You have been given the task of examining the potential of developing new operations in an emerging nation, and to prepare relevant profiles and analysis.

    What are key cultural variables, and how might they affect business relationships between international enterprises?

    Use some of the variables identified by Hofstede, Trompenaar, and others to compare your host country to your home country. What are these differences? Describe any differences in terms of their potential to interfere with, prevent, or damage the business relationships shared between international enterprises in your host and home countries, and post your findings to the Discussion Board. Find and use at least 2 online resources to support your data, and post the links in your report.. As this relates to AMS and Mexico.

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    //While writing this paper, we will go through different articles related to expanding of a business into a new country. Then, we will focus on different mandatory legal obligations to be considered before venturing into a new country. Here, Mexico is the new country in which American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. is expanding its business.//

    American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. is an organization having it's headquarter in South Dakota. It deals in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of electrical transformer products. American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. has its operations in the domestic market and also in Canada. This organization has specialization in the manufacturing of electrical transformers, which are of high quality and with different features. During the last couple of years, they have expanded their business in different parts of South Dakota and have also established in one of their neighboring country, Canada. Keeping in view, the growing competition in this sector, AMS has planned to expand their business in to new countries for which, they have selected Mexico market for their products.

    Being a business analyst to American Manufacturing Sales, Inc., my first task is to assess and observe the potential of the market, which is to be explored. Firstly, Mexico being an emerging market in the global map has a lot of potential for electrical transformers, as there is no major player in this field. Secondly, Mexico has good trade relations with United States of America to which, AMS belongs. Observing these two factors, we can say that it will be profitable for the organization to expand its business in Mexico.

    //In this part of discussion, we will focus on the tax structure that AMS will have to face, if it expands its business in Mexico. Besides this, we will also ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1166 words with references.