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possible business venture to pursue

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Part I

Creating a short presentation for the Market department highlighting how the consumers in the 60614 zip code differ from those in the total US.

Part II

Based on research provide your advice as to possible business ventture to pursue in zip code 60614.

Scenario 1:

The academic affairs committee wants a recommendation on what new degree program should be pursued for the 60614 community.

Scenario 2:

The development company wants to know which type of business the stores should be leased to in the new 5-store strip mall in the 60614 community.

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Please find below the 60614 profile from the Census Bureau Report and below it is the All American profile.
The question wants you to make a short presentation.
You can either use excel graph facility or use PowerPoint and you can generate different line graphs or bar diagrams which compare the trends for area 60614 and the country. As there are large differences between the national profile and the profile contained in one zip area the trick lies in scaling down the national figures suitably so that the two sets of figures can be compared on the same graph and the presentation can be handled suitably.
United States | 60614
Reference Map
ZIP Code Tabulation Area 60614
Highlights from the Census 2000 Demographic Profiles:
General Characteristics - show more >> Number Percent U.S.
Total population 65,474 100.0 100% map brief
Male 32,042 48.9 49.1% map brief
Female 33,432 51.1 50.9% map brief
Median age (years) 31.0 (X) 35.3 map brief
Under 5 years 2,721 4.2 6.8% map
18 years and over 59,158 90.4 74.3%
65 years and over 4,436 6.8 12.4% map brief

One race 64,388 98.3 97.6%
White 57,688 88.1 75.1% map brief
Black or African American 2,704 4.1 12.3% map brief
American Indian and Alaska Native 127 0.2 0.9% map brief
Asian 2,479 3.8 3.6% map brief
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 31 0.0 0.1% map brief
Some other race 1,359 2.1 5.5% map
Two or more races 1,086 1.7 2.4% map brief

Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 3,554 5.4 12.5% map brief

Average household size 1.70 (X) 2.59 map brief
Average family size 2.63 (X) 3.14 map

Total housing units 38,093 100.0 100.0% map
Occupied housing units 36,510 95.8 91.0% brief
Owner-occupied housing units 14,705 40.3 66.2% map
Renter-occupied housing units 21,805 59.7 33.8% map brief
Vacant housing units 1,583 4.2 9.0% map

Social Characteristics - show more >> Number Percent U.S.
Population 25 years and over 49,266 100.0
High school graduate or higher 46,520 94.4 80.4% map brief
Bachelor's degree or higher 38,625 78.4 24.4% map
Civilian veterans (civilian population 18 years ...

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Creating a short presentation for the Market department highlighting how the consumers in the 60614 zip code differ from those in the total US.

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