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1. You started life as a single cell, Remember Virchow's statement that all cells come from pre-existing cells. Where did your original Cell come from?

2. Where did your parent's cells come from?

3. Your body is now composed of trillions of cells. Where did the rest of your cells come from?

4. If all cells come from pre-existing cells, then all cells must be related. What evidence can you cite to support this statement?

5. We have seen how your cells are related to those of your parents. How are your cells related to all other humans?

6. How are your cells related to those of any other organism?

7. One of the important implications of Virchow's statement that all cells come from pre-existing cells is that it relates the Cell Theory with the Theory of Evolution. That is, Virchow's statement is consistent with Darwin's theory. Explain.

8. There is one obvious exception to Virchow's conclusion that all cells come from pre-existing cells. What is it?

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