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    Population Growth Through Community Interactions

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    Explain the dynamics of population growth on the environment. Explain the concept of regulation of population growth through community interactions. Evaluate the effects of human activities on ecosystem and the biosphere.

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    1. What is the evolutionary significance of the Chlorophyta? Why is Chlamydomonas an important member of this group?
    Ans : All algal group except red algae has evolved from chlorophyta. Chlamydomanas is important member of chlorophyta as it is believed that it act as algal stock for the evolution of rest of algae.

    2.Describe and give examples of two separate paths by which multicellular organisms evolved from unicellular organisms.
    Ans : Multicellular organism has evolved through following paths :-
    a. Chlorococcine line : It evolved through Chlamydomonas by loss of flagella. The simplest chlorococcoid forms evolve along two lines, azoosporic and zoosporic. The former multiply by autospores (Chlorella) and later by zoospores (Chlorococcum). Apparantely the chlorococcine line proceeded in more than one direction. The series starts with Scenedesmus and culminates into multicellular Hydrodictyon. This line has led to evolution of coenocytic forms which reaches its climax in order siphonales.
    b. Tetrasporine line : It evolved through ...

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    This solution discusses carrying capacity of the environmen, coactions between individuals of the same population (intraspecific interaction) or between populations of different species (interspecific interaction), and the effects of human activities on ecosystem and the biosphere in 600 words.