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    A Discussion on Extinction

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    What drives a species towards extinction and give some environmental agencies designed to protect them?

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    Extinction is the death of all the members of a species.The moment of extinction is the death of last individual of that species. Another term commonly used in reference to extinction is pseudoextinction. This term is used in the cases when the daughter species or subspecies are still living and parents have died.

    There are many causes of extinction. Just as species are unique so are the extinctions says Beverly and Stephan Streans. Some causes are very simple while the others are complex. In most simple words any ...

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    This solution provides a short description of extinction, its types and prevention methods. Toxic pollution with examples from Hiroshima and Bhopal are also discussed. A list of agencies associated with protection of extinction is given at the end of this solution. This solution is completed in about 330 words.