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Biology problem

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2. A true-breeding line peas with purple flowers, yellow pods, and green seeds (line A), is crossed to a true-breeding line with white flowers, green pods, and yellow seeds. The F1 all have purple flowers, green pods, and yellow seeds.

How many loci involved in this cross?_________

A typical line A individual would exhibit how many different pollen genotypes?____________

How many types of gametes can the F1 plants make?________________

How many of the F2 are expected to exhibit all three recessive traits? ________

Diagram the cross below:

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48. The genes dumpy wing (dp), clot eye (cl), and apterous wing (ap) are linked on chromosome 2 of Drosophila. In a series of two-point mapping crosses, the following genetic distance were determined:
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dp-cl 3
ap-cl 39

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