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Ciliary, sphenopalatine, and submandibular ganglia

Imagine that a mad scientist invents a death-ray that destroys a person's ciliary, sphenopalatine, and submandibular ganglia (and nothing else). Discuss all the symptoms the victim would show. Would the victim die, or would the scientist have to go back to the laboratory to invent a more effective death-ray?

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First, we need to figure out what each of these ganglia do. Then, we can discuss the pathological symptoms that would develop.

Ciliary Ganglia: These form from the oculomotor nerves (cranial nerves III). They are a branch of the parasympathetic division. Postganglionic fibers innervate the circular muscle of the iris. The circular muscle of the iris allows the pupil to constrict.

Sphenopalatine Ganglia: These form from the ...