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    Light Reactions of Photosynthesis

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    Question #1:
    Which of the following is NOT true about the light reactions of photosynthesis?
    a.) there are two photosystems linked by an electron transport chain
    b.) electron transport is coupled to production of ADP
    c.) the production of NADPH is carried out by Photosystem I, whereas the splitting of water is
    carried out by Photosystem II
    d.) O2 production is coupled to these reactions
    e.) none of the above

    Question #2:
    In photosynthesis,
    a.) The dark reactions take place in the outer mitochondrial membrane, whereas the light
    reactions occur in the inner mitochondrial membrane
    b.) The light reactions take place in the inner mitochondrial membrane, whereas the dark
    reactions occur in the matrix
    c.) The light reactions take place in the thylakoid membrane, whereas the dark reactions occur
    in the stroma
    d.) A pH gradient is established between the thylakoid space (low pH) and the stroma (high
    e.) Both C and D

    Question #3:
    What is the role of the Fe-S cluster in Photosystem II?
    a.) It accepts electrons from the preceding PSII component
    b.) It accepts protons from the preceding PSII component
    c.) It is responsible for establishing a pH gradient between the matrix and inner mitochondrial
    d.) both a and b
    e.) both a and c

    Question #4:
    After the CO2 fixation step in photosynthesis, the production of glucose takes place:
    a.) via a process nearly identical to gluconeogenesis
    b.) via glycolysis
    c.) via the TCA cycle
    d.) via the pentose phosphate pathway
    e.) via glycogen biosynthesis

    Question #5:
    For the synthesis of the six-carbon sugars from CO2 in photosynthesis, the required ATP and NADPH
    come from the dark reactions of photosynthesis.
    a.) True
    b.) False

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