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Recovery Time for Burns

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The Smith family is caught in the fire but escaped. Unfortunately, the father and daughter suffered burns. The father has second degree burns on his chest,abdomen, and both arms and third degree burns on his entire lower extremities. The daughter suffered first degree burns on her head and neck and second degree burns on a lower extremity. The father experiences a good deal of pain in the areas of the chest and abdomen, but little in his legs.

I can't seem to find the information on recovery time, how long will it take for these burn degrees to recover and also what tissue types are effected? If you can find some reliable sources with this info please share them with me.

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By definition, first, second, third and fourth degree burns describe both the severity, and the depth of the burn.
As a result, the tissue types affected are:

First degree: epidermis. Only the outermost layer of skin is involved in this burn.
Second degree: epidermis, all the way to superficial dermis. The burn has proceeded to destroy tissue farther ...

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The solution discusses the recovery time for burns.

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