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Some algebra questions involving rates

Gaining and losing weight are matters of caloric accounting: Calories in the food you eat minus Calories that you spend in activity. One pound of human body fat contains approximately 3,500 Calories.

Based on information provided:

Running 7 minute miles burns 979 calories per hour.
Swimming at 2mph burns 408 calories per hour.
Walking at 3 mph burns 245 calories per hour.

How far would you have to run, swim, or walk to burn the equivalent of 1 pound of fat?

For how much time would you have to do each activity?

(The question is also attached as a Word document)


Solution Summary

Given a known constant rate in miles per hour, it is often required to extract information about the number of miles or the number of hours required for a particular activity at that rate. This solution comprises a one page attachment written in Word showing how to do this for the questions below. All questions are answered fully with step by step work.

This technique generalises to any question involving constant rates.