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    Consequences of Large Meteor Impact with Earth

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    Consider the consequences if a large meteor were to impact with Earth.

    What characteristics would be essential for survival ? What types of characteristics would be detrimental? What would have to be preserved in order to establish a diversity of life? What are the implications on evolution? What is your prediction how heredity would be affected? Cite your references. Thanks

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    First of all we have to determine how big a meteor it is we are discussing and with what speed it will hit the Earth. Also if possible where it will hit (land or water & geographical location). Probably also in what direction & at what angle it will hit. Because all these factors will influence the outcome. This is actually basic classical physics. The energy of the impact is directly proportional to the mass (weight) of the meteor and directly proportional to the square of its speed relative the Earth. So the heavier the meteor is the worse the situation will be but the higher its speed the WORSE it will be since the energy of its impact goes up MUCH faster with its speed (doubling its speed means 4 times as much ...