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    Argument supporting or refuting taxing high-fat foods

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    In the United States, many states now impose taxes on tobacco to discourage smoking and to help offset the health costs associated with smoking. However, heart disease, which has been linked to a high-fat diet, is the country's number one killer. In addition, more cancer cases in the United States are related to diet than to smoking. Ideas to create an argument supporting or refuting the following plan are offered: Taxing high-fat foods would be a great way to reduce the incidence of heart disease and help offset the cost of its treatment. The taxes could also be used to educate the public to the dangers of a high-fat diet, in the same way that taxes on cigarettes are used for antismoking ads.

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    The real question is whether we want to live in a police state, or whether we want to live in a free society. If we want to live in a socialized state, then by all means tax high-fat foods. On the other hand, if we want to live in a free society and be responsible for our decisions and our choices, then we should not support taxing high-fat foods (or cigarettes, for that matter). ...

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    Arguments supporting or refuting taxing high-fat foods are infused.