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    ill effects of GM foods

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    Nowdays lots of food that get on our table are genetically altered. Some people are not bothered by that fact. Some demand more facts supporting that such foods are safe to eat and will not bring any negative alterations to our health later.

    The effects of GM foods are noted.

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    Yes, corn is still corn even if its genetically modified, but that's not really the point. You have to understand that biological life forms are incredibly complex. When a scientist studies an organism in a laboratory setting, it's under a highly regulated and "sterile" environment. What I mean by that is that the experiments are performed under highly controlled circumstances. Scientists cannot study the whole organism. It's too complex, so instead, they study a part of it. This is the big problem. Because, in looking only at a part of the system, many biochemical changes are being ignored.

    The question of safety is of prime importance. If a scientist can only study a part of a system, that means that he can only attempt to find answers to questions that he's asking. What about all of ...

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    This job exposes the ill effects of GM foods.