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Gene Interaction For Coat Color

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In rats, the following genotypes of two independently assorting autosomal genes determine coat color.
For the following cross, what fraction of the offspring would you expect to have each genotype?
AAbbCC x aaBBcc

A_B_C- gray
A_B_cc albino
A_bbC_ yellow
A_bbcc albino
aaB_C_ Black
aaB_cc albino
aabbC_ cream
aabbcc albino

Labels can be used once, more than once, or not at all.

please show work

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This one is pretty straight forward. You have two parents, one whose homozygous dominant and one who is homozygous recessive. THIs means that all of the children will have the same genotype once you ...

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A locus in mice has been identified as determining pigment production.When parents heterozygous at this locus are mated, 3/4 of the progeny are coloured and 1/4 are albino.Another locus determines the actual coat colour; for example, when two yellow mice are mated,2/3 of the progeny are yellow and 1/3 are agouti.It was noticed that the albino mice cannot express whatever alleles they may have at the independently assorting locus.
a. When yellow mice are crossed with albinos, they produce F1 mice in the approximate proportions of 1/2 albino,1/3 yellow and 1/6 agouti.What are the probable genotypes of the parents?
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