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Dihybrid Cross Genotype

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A plant of genotype AB/ab is testcrossed to ab/ab. If the two loci are 10 m.u. apart, what proportion of the progeny will be AB/ab? Please show and explain exactly how the dihybrid cross was done for this problem.

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The expert examines dihybrid cross for genotypes in plants.

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Solution: 24382: Dihybrid cross

When the homozygous dominant genotype has the same phenotype as the heterozygous genotype a test cross is performed to distinguish between them. And a test cross is performed with one parent being always homozygous recessive for all the genes under consideration.

Typically, a dihybrid testcross yields a 1:1:1:1 phenotypic and genotypic ratio among its progeny.

That is - Let's consider AA - Yellow pod, BB -round seed, aa - green pod, ...

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