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    Chimpanzees and Humans' Taxonomic Classification

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    Humans belong to the genus Homo and chimpanzees to the genus Pan, yet studies of primate genes show that chimpanzees and humans are more closely related to one another than each is to any other animals. In light of this result, some researchers suggest that chimpanzees should be renamed as members of the genus Homo. Discuss at least three (3) practical, scientific, and / or ethical issues that might be raised by such a change in naming.

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    1. Studies show that chimpanzees and humans' DNA resemble one another and that they are genetically related. Historically animals are placed in a genus based on physical features and morphology, such as skull shape and bone structure. In this regard, chimps are more like other primates and not humans. If we were to change ...

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    This solution discusses three issues that may arise if chimpanzees were classified with humans in the genus Homo. It also briefly discusses the basis of the current biological classification system. The response is 191 words and includes two references.