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    Evolution theory and Sex-linked recessive traits

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    1. List four (4) reasons why Darwin failed to publish his ideas about natural selection for almost 20 years?

    2. Eye color in fruit flies (Drosophila) is a sex-linked trait where the dominant allele coes for red eyes and the recessive codes for white eyes. If you cross a white-eyed female with a red-eyed male, what eye colors will the offspring have?

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    1. Four reasons why it took Darwin so long to publish:

    a. Controversial ideas
    The theory of natural selection is a controversial idea that bought a lot of anguish to Darwin given his upbringing and social class. Therefore, Darwin waited a long time to publish to ensure that he was correct about his theories.

    b. Illness
    Darwin had sea sickness and went through life with numerous health problems further ...

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