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Madated Limits of Mycotoxins for Biology Students

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Can you explain why there are mandated limits for the mycotoxin Penicillium? Do these limits apply to other regions?

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This solution contains over 350 words pertaining to the regulation limits for mycotoxins of the Penicillium genus. Valuable references are included.

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When you are formulating your response, I believe that this reference will be extremely helpful for you.

Mycotoxins in Fruits and Vegetables:

Why are there mandated limits for the mycotoxin Penicillium?

On page 153 of this reference you will find an extensive section on the Penicillium genus. Some points you might want to consider are listed below, however the level of detail you choose to use to answer this section is completely up to you!

- Penicillium species are very common airborne ...

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