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    Paleoclimate and Data

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    Describes the principal source of paleoclimate data available from Antarctica, and states what information it provides and explains which of the available data is proxy data.

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    Paleoclimate data is data gathered from fossils, glacial deposits, tree rings, and sediments. Proxy data is non-climate data gathered from natural recorders, like the ones listed in paleoclimate data. This is data that is analyzed for clues on what the climate was like, indirect evidence.

    Ice cores are usually the main source of paleoclimate data. Ice cores contain dust, air bubbles, and/or isotopes of oxygen. The trapped air bubbles allow ...

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    This solution defines paleoclimate and proxy data and gives examples of each. It also explains what data is used from Antarctica to explain how the climate may have been like in the past. This solution is provided within 270 words.