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    The Disappearance of the Sun

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    It has been hypothesized that if the sun disappeared all life would end. Other than the obvious drop in temperature, why would humans probably die if the sun suddenly stopped shining? Justify your response with specific details.

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    Considering the sun is still there but has just stopped shining, it won't support life for very long, but it'll be "hot," relative to the vacuum of space, for an extremely long period of time. The sun not only provides heat but also solar energy for photosynthesis, without which plant life will vanish. Small plants will take few days to weeks to die but larger trees may survive for longer. Elimination of plants at the bottom of food chain will lead to death of most of the animals. However, the scavengers that feed ...

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    This solution discusses the hypothesis that if sun would disappear the life on earth would end in 298 words with three references.