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Transposable Elements/ Transposons

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What are transposons? How are they indentified in a genome? What is the mechanism of transposition?

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The expert examines transposable elements and transposons. The expert identifies the genomes.

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Transposons or transposable elements are DNA sequences in the genome which have the ability to move from one location to another, within the genome. This process called transposition does not depend on any particular characteristics in the donor or the recipient site but some elements show preference for particular sites or hotspots. Transposons usually carry genes required for their own movement but they may also use other proteins such as DNA polymerase or gyrase for their transposition. Transposons are the major source of DNA rearrangements and mutations within the genome.
The transposons have short inverted repeats on either side of the sequence. The two copies of the repeats are closely related rather than identical. When a transposition occurs, a staggered break is made at the site of insertion in the target site which ...

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