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restore your community's economy and environment

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Assume that you are the mayor of a coastal town where some residents are employed as commercial fishers and others make a living serving ecotourists who come to snorkel and scuba-dive at the nearby coral reef.

In recent years, several fish stocks have crashed and ecotourism is dropping off as fish disappear from the increasingly degraded reef.

Scientists are urging you to help establish a marine reserve around portions of the reef, but most commercial and recreational fishers are opposed to this idea.

What steps would you take to restore your community's economy and environment?

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Ecofriendly steps to restore your community's economy and environment are identified.

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As a mayor,your duty is to maintain social,economical,environmental balance without disturbing the equilibrium of the society and its needs.The proposed directions can be put forwarded for the given problem.This includes,
1.The coral reefs are the main reserves and breeding sites for fishes.As the situation explains that there is a degraded coral reef which degrades the growth of fish population.This is mainly caused due to the implementation of traditional techniques such as usage of ...

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