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NaCl solution

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We did a lab with DNA standards. We made one to one solutions of onion DNA that we precipitated and a 4% NaCl soln. We measured the amount of DNA using spectrophotometers. When we boiled the solution before measurement, the NaCl precipitated. This made the solution cloudy and the absorbancy readings inaccurate.

I'm wondering if there could be another solution that could be used to make the one to one solution, such as distilled water, or if the NaCl solution has a special role in ionization?

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NaCl solution and distilled water are compared. The expert measures the amount of DNA using spectrophotometers.

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Distilled water wouldn't give a good yield. With the NaCl solution, the Na+ ions help the DNA precipitate by shielding the negative charges on the phosphate groups, so that the DNA molecules don't repel each other. They can ...

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