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    Trematol Poisoning

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    Why does physical exertion increase symptoms of poisoning by trematol? Why does the pH of the blood decrease in a person who has digested trematol?

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    Trematol is a metabolic poison derived from the white snake root. Cows eating this plant concentrate the poison in their milk. The poison inhibits liver enzymes that convert lactic acid to other compounds for metabolism (see http://www.biology.arizona.edu/biochemistry/problem_sets/metabolism/03Q.html).

    1. Fermentation and blood pH

    Lactic acid is produced in our cells in the absence of sufficient oxygen in a process ...

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    This solution explains the process of trematol poisoning. It also explains why physical exertion increases the symptoms of trematol poisoning as well as why the pH of the blood decreases in a person who has digested trematol.