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Converting Units Examples

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1. A deep space probe is traveling at a velocity of 18.8km/s. What is its velocity in miles/minutes?

2. Astronomers have measured a faint galaxy to be at a distance of 200 megaparsecs from earth? How far is this in miles? (1 Parsec = 3.26 Light-years, Mega = 1x10^6).

3. A perfume company wants to dispense 13.9 quarts of a new fragrance into small vials. How many 25 ml vials can they fill?

4. An Eon of time is defined as 1 billion years (1x10^9 years). How long is this in seconds? Assume one year is equal to 365.25 days.

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This solution includes step-by-step calculations for each number.

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(18.8 km/s)(1 mile/1.61 km)(60 s/min) = ANSWER in mile/min

(200 x 10^6 parsecs)(3.26 light years/parsec) = ANSWER in light-years
Now, we a conversion factor between light-years and meters:
(3 x 10^8 m/s)(60 s/min)(60 ...

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