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    Adaptations of organisms in hypnotic environment

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    A. How are bacteria cells adapted to live in a hypnotic environment?

    B. How are Amoebas protozons adapted to live in a hypnotic environment?

    C. Imagine that you have done a Gram stain and determined what antibiotic to use to kill the phylum cilophora bacterium. If you expose the bacterium to the antibiotic, how will the antibiotic kill it?

    D. If you expose the protozoan Amebas to the antibiotic, would you expect it to kill the protozoan?

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    A. Bacterial cell are very simple having prokaryoyic organization. In case of hypnotic environment they either escape by the formation of some spores or selectively absorbs the source of energy (glucose) from the environment. They have the ability to switch their metabolic programs to take advantage of the best available carbon source of energy. When glucose is ...

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    Bacteria and Protozoa are capable of resisting hypnotic environment by different adaptive techniques. Bacteria forms spores and protozoa regulates it through osmoregulatory activities. Antibiotics, on other hand, can kill both bacteria a well as protozoa.