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    Some people argue that each individual animal has an intrinsic right to survival.

    Should this right extend to plants and microorganisms? What about the Anopheles mosquito, which transmits malaria? Tigers that sometimes kill people in India? Bacteria that cause typhoid fever? Defend your position.

    Is it right to use animals for teaching and research? Justify your answer.

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    In a strict biological sense no animal - including human beings - have a "right" of survival. The word "right" has no meaning in a biological sense. It is a word with political, legal, philosophical, ethical, moral and religious meaning. On principle I leave religion aside when I discuss biological - and for that matter mostly also political and legal - matters. Not being a religious person myself (I regard myself as a skeptic agnostic, though a secular traditionalist. Some relatives including my wife call me a cynic, I call myself a skeptic realist, both a rationalist and empiricist and politically a conservative libertarian) I try to keep religion away from moral and ethical considerations as well, ...