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A representative natural ecosystem in the New York area

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Select a representative natural ecosystem in the New York area such as preserves or parks that are managed for native species.
-The major structural and functional dynamics (processes) of that ecosystem including change over time
-How humans may have affected biogeochemical cycles in that ecosystem
-How knowledge about that ecosystem's structure and function can help or has helped to develop plans for its management and restoration

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Use of the Hudson River National Estuarine Research as a representative natural ecosystem in the New York area

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The Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve was created in 1982 to protect and study ecosystems along the Hudson River Bay. It consists of 5,000 acres of land along the middle 100 miles of the Hudson River Estuary.

Estuaries are ecosystems which occur where fresh water of rivers mixes with tidal salt water. Because estuaries are the dumping grounds for rivers that have travelled many miles, they are often polluted. Oceanfront property is also valuable, and many estuaries are lost to development. Their preservation is critical to preventing the decline of many species, and the research which occurs along the Hudson River will hopefully help in this effort.

Estuaries contain many different conditions within a small region. The salinity of the water will depend on distance from the shore, time of year, and tidal conditions. Different species thrive in different parts ...

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