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Patrilineal Descent in China

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Describe patrilineal descent and organization and functions of patrilineal descent groups in traditional China.

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Patrilineal Descent and Organization and Functions of Patrilineal Descent Groups in Traditional China Family

In traditional China, family life was the nexus of the social system-a virtual citadel to patriarchy. It is important to note however-that very few family systems can compete with the Confucian for degradation and brutality toward women. From female infanticide to cripple feet to child-bride sale, wife beating, polygyny and more, Chinese women have lived through bitter, brutal, poverty-stricken, bruised, battered, and rather short lives.

Male Dominance; Patriarchy & Patrilineal Descent

For practical reasons, and in describing the term "familism," there are five essential features:
1. Emphasis on the father/son relationship : Although the family as a social organization always involves parent-child or husband-wife relationships (unless there was tension between the father and son), there never would be familism. Also, in some cases, there was not even a stable relationship. Why? This relationship establishes the conditions for patriarchy, patrilocal residence after marriage, patrilineal descent, agnatic clan organization, and the inheritance of property by one or all legal ...

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Patrilineal descent in China is described. The functions of patrilineal descent groups in traditional China are provided.

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