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    The Importance of Kinship Studies

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    Kinship is important to anthropologist because it determines a cultures world view of society. Kinship determines a cultures trading partners, culture rules of marriage, residence patterns, marital exchanges, and family type. This job reports other facets, too.

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    Kinship studies are important to the anthropologist for several reasons. The ones you have listed here in the posting are indeed important. Essentially, kinship studies focus on the structure of a society - in particular, the social ordering of relationships. It is an emperical observation that all societies allow kinship to play a part in its organization. Some have observed that the level to which kinship is invoked is relative to the complexity of a particular society. The smaller the society - the greater impact kinship status will have on the participants. Because of the "embedded" nature of kinship in these societies, its rights and obligations underlie all aspects of culture (as you noted in your posting), and it can be argued that without understanding the system of kinship within a society it is almost impossible to fully understand any other aspect either.
    <br>Another point I would mention, is that kinship studies are important not only for the observations above, but also from a ...

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    This job highlights facets of kinship studies.