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    Btsisi and Gender Roles

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    Btsisi' place great emphasis on the couple as the most important relationship in Btsisi' society." This translates to gender roles on economics as well meaning that "women and men do whatever is necessary for the smooth productive functioning of the household."

    What are your thoughts on this arrangement in comparison to women in American society today?

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    The Btsisi are in a situation where they are living from day to day or week to week for survival. They are not spending much on luxuries or leisure but rather are attempting to keep body and soul together. This is reminiscent of American frontier culture at various points in American History. During the years of colonization 1600's, Revolution 1700's and westward expansion 1800's American families reflected these same values. Husband and wife worked together to supply the needs of the family. The wife's primary role was to run the household and care for the children. The husband's primary role was to be the financial breadwinner of the family and provide a safe environment for them to live in. Though both husband and wife shared certain chores and responsibilities there were also responsibilities that were gender/role based and mostly fixed. During these times in American history the group or family unit was valued above the rights or desires of each individual in the ...

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