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    When to use a t-test and when to use a z-test

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    When to use a t-test and when to use a z-test. How to choose between a t-test and a z-test, a one-sample test and a two-sample test, and a one-sided and a two-sided test. Lists the assumptions made about the sample and the population for each test.

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    Follow this flow chart to decide whether to use a z-test or a t-test. The assumptions for each test are under the name of the test. Use the first flow chart if you are comparing means and the second if you are comparing proportions.

    "One sample" means that you are comparing a sample mean (or proportion) to a ...

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    The solution consists of a chart designed to help you choose when to use a z-test and when to use a t-test. It also explains the assumptions and the population for each test.