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    Standard Scores in Populations

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    A population with u=73 and o=9 is transformed into a new population with u=10 and o=2. What is the new value for each of the following scores in the population?

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    With this problem you need to calculate standard score and remember that the standard score should be the same with either population if it is really transformed from one population to another. The standard score is (please see the attached file).

    For x = 74: 74 - 73/p = x_new - 10/2 => x_new = 92/9 = (please see the attached file)

    For x = 60: 60 - 73/9 = x_new - 10/2 => x_new = 64/9 = ...

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    In this solution, we explain how to determine the new value for for a series of scores in the population.