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Statistical Analysis of Psychotherapy Patients

You're conducting a study where participants are randomly assigned to two independent variables: number of sessions of psychotherapy (6 vs. 12) and use of antidepressants (using vs. not) on psychotherapy outcome. You would be pretty happy if you were checking assumptions for your ANOVA test and found this result.

A. Levene's F (1,2) = 1.44, p=.34

B. The skewness on the variables were 1.22, 2.44 and 3.45

C. 3 of the participants in the group getting psychotherapy and antidepressants felt they were doing so well they pulled out of the study early

D. Your research assistant did not randomly assign people to the four conditions

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A. Levene's F (1,2) = 1.44, p=.34
This tests the homogeneity ...

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