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    Performing a 5-step Hypothesis Testing and Term Definition

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    Here are my questions:

    For Questions 6 & 7, complete the following:
    a) State the null and alternate hypotheses. Will we use a left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed test? What is the level of significance?
    b) Identify the sampling distribution to be used: standard normal or the Student's t. Compute the z or t value of the sample test statistic and sketch its location.
    c) Find the P value for the sample test statistic.
    d) Should we reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis?

    Question 6
    A new bus route has been established between downtown Denver and Englewood, a suburb of Denver. Dan has taken the bus to work for many years. For the old bus route, he knows that the mean waiting time between buses at his stop was 18.3 minutes. However, a random sample of 5 waiting times between buses using the new route had a mean of 15.1 minutes with s = 6.2 minutes. Does this indicate that the population mean waiting time for the new route is different from what it used to be? Use α = .05.
    Question 7
    A music teacher knows from past records that 60% of students taking summer lessons play the piano. The instructor believes that this proportion may have dropped due to the popularity of wind and brass instruments. A random sample of 80 students yielded 43 piano players. Use α = .05.
    Question 8
    The College Registrar's Office recorded the number of students receiving incompletes over the past 24 semesters; a) make a frequency table with 5 classes, showing class boundaries, class midpoints, frequencies, and relative frequencies; b) make a frequency histogram with 5 classes; c) make a relative frequency histogram with 5 classes.
    28 47 19 58 63 77 53 39 93 35 42 81
    62 67 71 59 48 56 75 48 63 32 46 57
    Question 9
    A random sample of 18 airline carry-on luggage bags gave the following weights (in pounds). Find the mean, median, and mode of these weights.
    12 25 10 38 12 19 8 12 17
    41 7 22 10 19 12 16 5 14
    Question 10
    Sophia took a test and scored in the 79th percentile. What percentage of the scores were at or below her score? What percentage were above

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