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Testing of Hypothesis

Show how and if genetically modified foods are different from non-genetically modified (NGM) foods. Assume you are continuing your analysis of GM and NGM foods, and answer the following questions:
1. What would be the practical negative impact if your hypothesis test incurred a Type I Error? What would be the practical negative impact if the test incurred a Type II Error? (Be sure to tell us exactly what your hypothesis is, and be sure to mention the variable.)
2. What affect will a Type I Error have on your study? (Hint: This question is asking how you might modify your study in order to minimize Type I errors.)
3. What affect will a Type II Error have on your study? (Hint: Again, this is about what you would do, if anything, to your study to minimize Type II error.)
4. Use the 3PE and the information below to determine if there is a significant difference in yields for this farmer.
Mr. Greenjeans is testing GM corn on one acre of his farm. This acre of GM corn yielded 156 bushels of corn. Compared to the yield from the other 15 acres of NGM corn; is this a significant difference? Use the .05 significance level.
Bushels of corn per acre data.
Acre Number Bushels
Of corn
1 92
2 105
3 114
4 129
5 93
6 138
7 101
8 114
9 121
10 94
11 131
12 95
13 114
14 139
15 109
Upper Limit
Lower Limit
Most Likely
Expected Value from the 3PE equation
Standard Deviation

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