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Time series and Statistical Control Process

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If the sales, employment, production, and other business series increase or decrease over a period of time and approximate a straight line, the equation for this growth is given by

Y= bX + a, the linear trend equation.

Part 1: State the dependent and independent variables.
Also, state what are the Parameters b & a, and how they are found.

Part 2: In this part assume your independent variable is time, in minute, hours, day, month, or year. Create a time series data knowing that at time zero unit your dependent variable is N and is known. For example at time zero if you statrt boiling the water the water temperature is known and is, say 20 degree C [or use degree F, if you wish]. The dependent variable is the topic of your choice. For example, temperature of water, when you boil it, your water tank level as you fill it out, & so on.

Also, assume that your linear relation is making a 63.5 degree angle with your time-axis, which implies that the relationship has a positive slope of 2.0 [tan (63.5) ~ 2].

Please notice: choose a dependent variable that its variation depends on time. Also assume that the relationship is a linear time dependent relation. Also, note that you have already created an initial point at time zero [i.,e., a point with cordinates of (0, N)]. Your slop is assumed to be positive and equals to 2.

Question is : Please determine your linear equation with the above assumption and predict the first 5 consecutive points on your linear line.

Question 2:

What is statistical process control? How is the concept of statistical process control used in continuous improvement? Discuss with examples.

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