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    Two Seasonal Data Models

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    C.5. Is it more appropriate to use an additive or a
    multiplicative model to forecast seasonal data?
    Summarize the difference(s) between these two
    types of seasonal models.

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    Seasonal Data:

    Forecasting involves the act of making projections about the future performance based on both current and historical data. A forecasting model is usually selected after data has been captured for the time series. During this process, graphic and statistical techniques may be of great help. After a model has been selected, specifying the forecasting model while selecting the variables to be included is the next step (ZHU, & ZHU YI 2010).

    Time series often displays seasonal behavior whereby seasonality is the tendency ...

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    This solution of 329 words compares the additive and multiplicative model, looking at the differences between the two models.