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    Hypothesis Testing Problems: T test

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    1. For the following, which type of t-test is required? A) Studying the effects of a memory drug on Alzheimer's patients, testing a group of patients before and after administration of the drug. B) Studying whether men and women rate the persuasiveness of an argument delivered by a female speaker differently. C) The study described in part (B), but with the added requirement that for each of a particular age, there is a women of the same age.

    2. We investigate if a period of time feels longer or shorter when people are bored compared to when they are not bored. Using independent samples, we obtain these estimates of the time period (in minutes):
    Sample 1 (bored): X-bar =14.5, s = 10.22, n=28
    Sample 2 (not bored): X-bar = 9.0, s =14.6, n=34

    A) What are H0 and Ha? B) Compute tobt C) with ?=.05, what is tcrit? D) What should the researcher conclude about this relationship? E) Compute the confidence interval for the difference between the µs. F) Using our two approaches how important is boredom in determining how quickly time seems to pass?

    3. A researcher investigates whether classical music is more or less soothing to air traffic controllers than modern music. She plays a classical selection to one group and a modern selection to another. She gives each person an irritability questionnaire and obtains the following:
    Sample A (classical): n = 6, =14.69, s =8.4
    Sample B (modern): n = 6, = 17.21, s = 11.6

    A) Subtracting A-B, what are the H0 and Ha? B) What is the tobt? C) With ?=.05, are the results significant? D) Report the results using the correct format. E) What should she conclude about the relationship in nature between type of music and irritability? F) What other statistics should be computed? E) What statistical flaw is likely in the experiment?

    4. You investigate whether the older or younger male in pairs of brothers tends to be more extroverted. You obtain the following extroversion scores:
    Sample 1 (Younger) Sample 2 (Older)
    10 18
    11 17
    18 19
    12 16
    15 15
    13 19
    19 13
    15 20

    A) What are the H0 and Ha? B) Compute tobt? C) With ?=.05, what is tcrit? D) What should you conclude about this relationship? E) Which of our approaches should we use to determine if this a scientifically important relationship?

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