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    Hypothesis testing

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    Please help with the following problem. Please provide step-by-step calculations for the following problem in both Word and Excel.

    A machine is set to fill a bottle with 9 grams of medicine. A sample of 8 recently filled bottles revealed the following grams of medicine: 9.2, 8.7, 8.9, 8.4, 8.3, 8.5. Using a One Sample t Test, answer the following questions.

    This is what I have so far.

    Df = n-1 (6-1=5)
    T critical = 2.015 ( )
    Mean = 8.67
    Stdev = 0.34
    p-value = 0.304

    p-value > 0.05 - the null hypothesis is accepted.

    T Calculated =

    So, because t calculated is negative, this indicates a left tail test, yes? If so, does t critical become - 2.015??

    And what does my hypothesis statement look like for this one tail test?. Is it:

    Or is it

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