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    Hypothesis test: difference between proportions, t test

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    1. A political poll immediately prior to a state election reveals that 145 out of 250male voters and 105 out of 200 female voters intend to vote for the Independent candidate. Can we infer at the 5% significance level that the proportions of male and female voters who intend to vote for the Independent candidate differ?

    2. Advertisements by Pantai physical fitness center claim that completing their course will result in losing weight. A random sample of 8 recent students showed the following body weights before entering the course and after completing the course.

    Name Before After
    Henry 155 154
    Chew 228 207
    Merine 141 147
    Massa 162 157
    Cyndy 211 196
    Philip 164 150
    Reddy 164 150
    Peggy 172 165

    At the 0.01 significance level, can we conclude that the students lost weight?

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