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Group Differences T Test: Public Perception

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Use the "Public Perceptions" dataset attached. The county government is interested in determining if there is a difference in perceptions based on people that have utilized the county services in the past year and those that have not.

Please complete the following:

One-sample T-Test: Conduct a T-Test to determine if there is a bias in the sample. Provide this information in a contingency table and recommend any changes as appropriate.
T-test for Independent Samples:
Conduct a t-test for independent samples to determine if respondents' assessment of County government service delivery differed between those who had contact with the County in the last year versus those who did not.
Individuals that were asked this information reported on timeliness, helpfulness, etc. of government employees even when they had not had such contact. Describe meaning of data.

APA formatted word document. Length of 2 pages. Focus on Tables with only 1-2 paragraphs of discussion.

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