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    T-test for two independent samples

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    Do you view a chocolate bar as delicious or as fattening? Your attitude may depend on your gender. In a study of American college students, Rozin, Bauer and Catanese (2003) examined the importance of food as a source of pleasure versus concerns about food associated with weight gain and health. The following results are similar to those obtained in the study. The scores are a measure of concern about the negative aspects of eating.

    Males Females
    n = 6 n = 9
    M = 31 M = 45
    SS = 490 SS = 680

    a. Based on these results, is there a significant difference between the attitudes for males and for females? Use a two-tailed test with a = .05.
    b. Compute r2, the percentage of variance accounted for by the gender difference, to measure effect size for this study.

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